1. To maintain a safe environment for students, staff, and community patrons.  To patrol school property, observe student behavior, and control and report violations of campus policies and behavior standards.




      Bilingual English/Spanish or English/Russian preferred, but not required.




  1. High School Diploma or equivalent as required by OAR 581-37-030, Oregon Department of Education (appropriate prior experience related to position)
  2. 18 years of age or older.
  3. Minimum of three years experience working with adolescents in an instructional or supervisory role
  4. A valid Oregon Unarmed Security Certificate or the ability to earn one
  5. Ability to work harmoniously with others and to communicate effectively (both orally and in writing) with students, parents, and teachers.
  6. Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.
  7. Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  8. Ability to communicate with appropriate student age group requiring the use of both empathetic and disciplinary approaches.
  9. Ability to deal appropriately and effectively with strangers on campus.
  10. Ability to supervise students in the school building and on the grounds during the school day and at school sponsored activities with potentially confrontative situations involving physical risk.
  11. Ability to anticipate and resolve conflicts and to correct students exhibiting improper conduct and to report such conducts to the proper school official(s).
  12. Ability to promote safe conditions throughout the campus and report unsafe conditions to the school administration.
  13. Possess an awareness of student behavior, gang identification symbols and language, narcotics and other controlled substances such as alcohol.
  14. Possess and maintain a valid First Aid card, including HIV training.
  15. Perform physical requirements which may include:
    1. Moderate degree of physical stamina
    2. Frequent standing, walking, bending
    3. Ability to restrain students, breakup fights, and apprehend trespassers or student offenders
    4. Ability to patrol and/or run to various locations within the school buildings or grounds
    5. Ability to work in inclement weather for extended periods of time
  16. Ability to investigate situations involving students and take preventative or corrective actions.


  1.  Demonstrates support for the District Core Values, in the following manner:
  2. Such alternative to the above requirements as the School Board or the Administration may deem appropriate and acceptable.




  1. Assist administrators in the supervision of students in the buildings and school grounds during the school day.
  2. Assist the administration in game management including athletic events, dances, concerts, and other school events, which may occur after school hours.
  3. Assist administration with monitoring student attendance and discipline.
  4. Report to the appropriate administrators’ violations of campus policies, i.e., truancy, driving, parking, smoking, drug abuse, etc.
  5. Assist administration in stopping fights between students, resolving conflicts, and similar situations.
  6. Maintain a high level of ethical behavior and confidentiality when dealing with student information.
  7. Approach all strangers who are on campus without authorized business or purpose and notify the administration of trespassers.
  8. Maintain personal records of events that occur i.e., photograph participants of fights, records of trespassers, graffiti, weapons, drugs and paraphernalia.
  9. Work cooperatively with law enforcement agencies in relationship to campus security issues.
  10. Maintain communication radios.
  11. Coordinate volunteer programs to assist with campus supervision.
  12. Supervise in-school suspensions, after school detention, and community service projects.
  13. Assist school administration with fire and earthquake evacuations.
  14. Assist students with jammed lockers and combination changes.
  15. Assist in custodial duties regarding spills and litter throughout the campus
  16. Attend staff meetings and participate in in-service training programs as requested.
  17. Perform such other tasks (which may require knowledge of other job descriptions) as may seem appropriate to the Board or Administration.
  18. Maintain good working relationships with public, students, and staff.




*  A valid First Aid card

*  Criminal Justice Fingerprint Clearance

*  An Oregon Unarmed Security Certificate

*  Bloodborne Pathogen Training/Hepatitis B Shot Series Training




PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The physical demands described here are representatives of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.


WORK ENVIRONMENT: The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job.


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Days and hours to be arranged, with salary according to current schedule.


EVALUATION: Following the probationary period, performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on evaluation of classified personnel.