To provide support to district schools and departments in the testing, installation and troubleshooting of computer hardware and software applications; to assist district staff in hardware and software use and to collaborate with Computer Network Specialist in LAN projects and troubleshooting.



  1. Minimum 2 years of college or post-secondary training appropriate to the position
  2. High School Diploma or equivalent by OAR 581-37-030.
  3. 18 years of age or older


  1. Communicate effectively and appropriately in both oral and written form.
  2. Understand and follow oral and written instructions.
  3. Provide technical assistance to users with operation of computer hardware, operating systems, desktop application software, projectors, digital cameras, security camera software, VOIP, etc.
  4. Accurately diagnose, test and provide solutions to problems involving computer and network software applications.
  5. Diagnose hardware problems and repair or coordinate replacement of failing components.
  6. Install software applications and upgrades and adjust applications to meet user’s needs.
  7. Configure laptops and devices to maintain wireless connectivity in the district.
  8. Maintain an accurate inventory and records of computer hardware, software, and repairs
  9. Assist in defining technology issues and recommending solutions.
  10. Troubleshoot site LANs following district standards and provide support under guidance of computer network specialist.
  11. Coordinate training for users in computer and network applications.
  12. Respond to software related problems at user’s site or via telephone/e-mail/remote access tools.
  13. Perform file maintenance activities such as backing-up files, transferring files between computer systems and implementing file naming and archiving procedures standards set by supervisor.
  14. Maintain records of licenses of computer and network applications (to comply with licensing agreements).
  15. Assist Technology Coordinator with preparation, implementation and maintenance of the current technology plan.
  16. Assist in developing user manuals and procedures for use with District approved hardware and software.
  17. Create and maintain staff and student network user accounts.
  18. Work with Technology Coordinator and Computer Network Specialist to achieve cohesive coordinated computer support for all district users.
  19. Assist school staff in determining technology needs, pricing, and purchasing.
  20. Maintains a high level of ethical behavior and confidentiality when dealing with student and staff information.
  21. Follows all safety rules and takes all reasonable precautions to provide a safe and secure working environment.
  22. Demonstrates support for District Core Values, District Mission, District Strategic Plan.
  23. Collaborates and confers with students, parents, colleagues, and community members in a harmonious and respectful manner.
  24. Assists parents and community members as needed.
  25. Demonstrates an awareness of and sensitivity to multicultural and multilingual values and environments.
  26. Complies with professional development activities as required by the District.
  27. Holds expectations for high performance of self and students.
  28. Demonstrates computer literacy and operates software programs as related to job responsibilities.
  29. Maintains accurate, complete, and confidential records as required by law and District policy and regulations.
  30. Maintains the integrity of confidential information relating to a student, family, colleague, or district patron, and uses or relays academic, social, or personal information only in the course of performing assigned responsibilities and in the best interest of the individuals involved.
  31. Follows all laws, District policies, rules, regulations, memos, announcements, and reasonable requests by proper authority.
  32. Maintains regular attendance at work and work activities, and is punctual in meeting deadlines, attending meetings, and following schedules.


  1. Criminal Justice Fingerprint Clearance
  2. The employee is expected to be dressed and groomed in a neat, clean, and appropriate professional manner for the assignment and work setting.
  3. This position is performed primarily indoors in school buildings and offices, although some outdoor work or supervision may be required.
  4. In cases in which the employee is required to travel between sites, the employee is responsible for his/her own travel and will be reimbursed for approval mileage.
  5. Possible exposure to bodily fluids due to student or employee illness or injury.
  6. May be required to obtain a First Aid and/or CPR Card and serve as a Delegated Caregiver or Designated First Aid Provider.
  7. May be required to translate and/or interpret.
  8. Occasionally performs other duties as required by supervisor.


Physical Work Requirements: X  Yes   No

If yes, see addendum to Computer/Network Technician description.




Days and hours to be arranged, with salary according to current schedule.




Following the probationary period, performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of the Board's policy on evaluation of classified personnel.